Sunday, December 23, 2007

Visit to Santa

The boys and I went to visit Santa on Friday. I was so excited to see that the line wasn't very long, especially for 1:00pm the Friday before Christmas.
After several minutes of standing there, I soon found out that Santa was out "feeding reindeer" until 2:00. I thought about getting out of line to do a little shopping, but in 5 minutes the line doubled in length and I figured we probably weren't going to be able to get a picture if we didn't stay in line.
The boys behaved perfectly, considering they were hungry and anxious.
2:10pm..............FINALLY........Santa bellows a "HO....HO...HO..." and the long wait was worth it. The look on the their little faces was priceless. Garrett became real still, mesmerized by the sight of Santa. He watched Santa intently and with a very serious tone in his voice, said "Mom,'s Santa." Colton is the little boy who seems to think the world revolves around him, he just kept waving and smiling at the big guy, I think he thought Santa was looking solely at him.
Here is the picture of the boys with Santa.
Garrett didn't hardly move an inch. When asked what they wanted for Christmas; he moved in real close, with eyes as serious as could be, asked for Transformers.
Colton said he had been a very good boy and he wanted trains. As Santa turned back to Garrett, Colton continued to talk (eyes closed) as if he had Santa's undivided attention, he wants airplanes...........trains........The Polar Express train.....etc.
After our visit with Santa, we had a little snack in the food court, took a ride on the Merry Go Round and topped it all off with an Aunt Annie's cinnamon & sugar Pretzel.
All in all it was a fun day.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!
We miss you all.
With Love,
Jeff, Linda, Garrett, and Colton

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mimi's visit

Mimi (from TX) was in town a couple of weeks ago, the kids were so excited to see her! We spent Saturday afternoon at the Seattle Aquarium, the boys had a blast.

On our way to the airport.
The boys are looking at these eels that hide in the sand. The thing that's sticking straight up that appears to be about an inch long is one.

Looking at Sea Urchins and Star Fish.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Colton is a month away from turning 4! I can't believe it! He can be SO crazy & silly one minute, and then incredibly loving & sweet the next. The crazy and silly is more common though.

He definitely has a strong mind of his own. He decided he wanted to take his training wheels off sometime in late July or early August. Next thing I knew, he was riding around as fast as he could pedal. He scares me, always seems to walk on the line between Fun and Disaster. :)

He started in the 3/4 pre school class last week. He screamed and cried on the first day. The second day he didn't even look back when the doors opened. I think he'll have a blast this year. His best friend (the only person he knows in the class) is Brooke. She's a cute little girl, she's the sister of one of the boys that was in Garrett's kindergarden class last year.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Updates on the Lutz family

Shrimp! We went to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands for the 4th of July. Garrett spent hours laying down on the Dock, net in hand trying to get these little buggers.
4th of July Parade on Lopez Island, a short ride in the Dinghy from Friday Harbor.
My parent's took us on their boat for Garrett's birthday. That's what he wanted to do ;) He spent the afternoon fishing and picking starfish off the bottom side of the dock.
Here's Colton "fishing". He has to do everything his brother.
Garrett is still into Power Rangers. He's broaden his horizon to include Transformers, Spider man and "Magnetix." Yes, we've talked about the dangers of putting those things in their mouths. :)
More 4th of July

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Garrett riding his bike

Snow boots in July

So far summer has been pretty uneventful. The boys enjoy riding their bikes and playing with the neighbor boys.
Check out Colton's feet. On this particular day it was near 100 degrees, one of the hottest days on record!

riding bikes